C6 Cluster Workshop
2018-03-31, 16:00–18:00, Max Planck

Working on a local Demo Cluster, hacking some cluster scheduler organizing the real machines.
Many Cores, much RAM, Noise and Heat.

In this workshop, you will get access to our Demo Cluster, that we will bring to the eh18. We will show you how to setup a small cluster yourself, submit jobs and hack the scheduler. We also will talk about clustered systems and share our experiences.

Though this is a 2h-Workshop, we will be around the Demo Cluster the whole easterhegg.
If you are interested in Clusters and related stuff, you are welcome to visit us.

We (the C6 Workgroup) are some cluster enthusiasts that like to hack on clustered and distributed systems. We organise Computing Power in the CCC and related hacker scene.
We also build a distributed Cluster over all Europe for Hackers and cool Projects to use.

For more information: c3c3.de