»Verilog Design Patttern«
2018-04-01, 16:30–18:00, Heisenberg 1

In the last time, Verilog becomes quite popular among Hackers - based on the hype the FOSS Yosys Toolchain kicked off for the iCE40 FPGAs.

It is a known fact, that everybody can learn faster from someone which already did the stuff more than once. While freelancing in Chip Design for two decades I like to share Design Pattern in Verilog.

Design Pattern means, - styleguides which results in readable code, - how to write good and fast Finite State Machines, why they are so useful, - how to deal with clock-domain crossing and why we might need that, - how to structure your source code design files, - how to use Makefiles for that, and much, much more. All with code snippets to show and explain.

I can't be stopped, until the time slot is closed.

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